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Winner of the 2 Places Difference internal contest announced!

2 Places At 1 Time Difference Contest Winner!

2 Places At 1 Time, the nation’s premier corporate concierge service provider, is excited to announce the internal 2 Places At 1 Time Difference contest winner, Valerie Stewart.

2 Places At 1 Time hosted an essay contest to create a platform for our employees to share their stories about going above and beyond.  Whether cutting out coupons to save customers money, hand delivering breast milk or rescuing sick animals, the 2 Places employees take amazing care of their customers.  2 Places At 1 Time contributes to the work-life balance of the people we assist daily by making a positive impact on their everyday lives.

Valerie Stewart, who recently celebrated her 6th year of employment with 2 Places At 1 Time, made a positive impact on one particular company called Etrials, which manages data for clinical drug trials. Valerie was originally given the task of working with Etrials’ public relations firm to execute various aspects of an upcoming marketing campaign, which was to convey the message that paper usage is outdated and to encourage others to convert to their convenient and eco-friendly electronic process.  When Etrials’ relationship with the PR firm ended abruptly, Valerie stepped in and organized a fresh approach to their company message during the campaign.  She did everything from hiring actors and models as “walking billboards” at the company’s trade show to arranging a sidewalk painter to capture a recreation of Atlanta’s spectacular skyline created using file cabinets. 

The campaign ended with an exciting closing ceremony of paper cranes that were created by two women skilled in the art of Origami. All of this contributed powerfully to conveying Etrials’ message.  “I was responsible for planning a successful event that would impact the company’s bottom line by helping them gain new clients. Not many knew that I helped plan the event but I did hear that the Etrials executives were very happy,” says Stewart.

It is people like Valerie who help 2 Places At 1 Time live up to our positioning in the industry as the “high touch” service provider.  The broad scope of creativity and services make a significant, positive impact on the lives of our customers and the bottom line of our corporate clients.  We are proud to have people like Valerie Stewart on our team helping us make a difference. 

 About 2 Places At 1 Time

 2 Places At 1 Time is the nation’s leading provider of corporate concierge and errand running services.  With an experienced on-site staff, highly-trained virtual concierges and many successful years in the industry, 2 Places At 1 Time creates unique, comprehensive services that assist companies in providing innovative employee/customer loyalty programs. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service as well as make an impact on the lives of others. 

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We should all look out for at risk Seniors

Here is a link to an all too common story of abuse in a retirement home.  The article cites neglect, unstaffing, unsafe food handling and food storing, failure to properly sterilize equipment, lack of soap and paper towels for staff in washrooms, and many other concerns all found in one retirement home.  Are they the exception or the rule.  Just one more reason that I created Second 1/2  - The Concierge Club for Seniors.  With the help of Second 1/2, families can allow their Seniors to remain in the comfort of their onw home longer.  We are thrilled to provide peace of mind for the families and a high quality of life for our Seniors.  Aging with dignity is so very important.



How much does employee turnover cost you? Cha-ching

Attached is a great article to breaks down the direct and indirect costs of employee turnover.  Take these calculations and apply them to your unique business.  If you are honest about the missed opportunity costs, ramp up time, etc. this should be like a kick in the head to say, "Take care of your people! Work as hard on retaining your great talent as you did to atttract them in the first place!"


Simplify your life

“Simplify, simplify.”-Henry Thoreau

Have you ever thought, how can I streamline my life, and live simply?  Do my employees feel the same way?  By wanting and doing less, more space can be created for those things that really matter.  Living simply is not a new idea.  In fact there are magazines and websites dedicated to the concept.  But we are really doing towards this goal - reading, blogging or complaining about the clutter in our lives?  Well, here is an action item that is not just a step, but a giant leap towards in the right direction…

Outsource all of your necessary “to do’s” to your concierge service.  I don’t understand why more people aren’t liberating themselves of these responsibilities.  After all, it might be your responsibility to make sure there is food on the table to feed your family, but does that mean that you personally have to pick out the produce?  Do what is core – sitting down to dinner with your family and discussing your day – and outsource the rest!


Women in business…of course, the playing field is not level, but we’re not complaining!

I had the opportunity to be part of an illustrious panel of successful female entrepreneurs last week at the Entrepreneur Advisory Symposium.  I was honored to share the spotlight with such accomplished women as Debra Kline CEO of Business Wise.  However, we were all a bit surprised that the moderator was obviously looking for a fight.  He argued that “we’ve come a long way baby” and why do we need professional organizations of women in business and initiatives specifically geared towards advancing women in the professional arena.  He is entitled to his opinion.  After all it was his event, but what a missed opportunity!  There was no discussion about the work/family compromises and struggles professional women face, the lack of professional female role models when most of us were attempting to chart out path, and so much more.  Although the format was disappointing, I appreciate the opportunity to represent my counterparts and I  hope I did you proud!